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Looking to decorate your home or business with original artwork. We have an artist collective that can make your home or office feel original and amazing. From watercolours, oil, acrylic, or wall murals. we can create your space for you.

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Horse shoe lake, 2020, 14"x 21" - $295
rainbow valley ravine, 2018, 20x30" - sold
Rocky cliffs, 2020, 14x21" - $295
horseshoe lake, 2020, 14x21" - $295
Maligne canyon sunrise, 20x30 - $600
Jasper ranger, 2020, sold
green turquoise parrot, 2020 - sold
autumn forest, 2015 - sold
Mila, 2020, sold

art collective

Alena Valova

Art is an instinct – it is the way I free myself from everyday life and escape to a world of my own thoughts – inner being. I am continually trying to enhance my abilities with sincere observations and experimentation; evaluating and repeating beauty and truth, past and present; creating unrhetorical feelings and engaging the imagination. The art is a playfulness of an inner creative spirit.

Nichole Monique

Resin Art: 
My most popular themes are either the ocean inspired themes, either beachside or in the middle of waves.. looking at these will whisk you away to your own beach home in minutes. The other theme is nature inspired, the luxurious feel of looking at the sparkle and shimmer of crystal, with agate or geode themes.

Endrené Shepherd

Endrené lives with her adventure-filmographer partner Dave, their young son, and her 92-year-old grandmother in the Okanagan Valley of BC, Canada. She makes comics for caregivers and parents, drawing on her day-to-day experiences for inspiration; you can find them on Instagram @endotron11. Although she has been communicating with comics since grade school, she didn’t start sharing her graphic leanings with the world until recently. Her first “public” comic deals with her 2014 miscarriage, and was published by Pennsylvania University Press as part of their “Graphic Medicine” series in “Graphic Reproduction”.